Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Raw Fusion-Freaky Note 12 Inch 1993

Mad props to Oscar for hookin this up. I cant stress enough how long I have been looking for the B-Side "Glockadootoyoo".

Download: Raw Fusion 12inch

Now, I must appologize for the lack of updates. I have been in the process of moving and have started a new job working horrible long hours. Don't sweat it though, good things come to those that wait. Peace and Respect,

Sunday, July 22, 2007

!!! REQUEST !!!

Alright, I have been searching for this track for too long now. Raw Fusion-Glockadoodayoo. I heard this track one time only back in 1994 on a local College Radio show and have since been on the hunt for it. Until last week I didnt even know it was Raw Fusion that released the track let alone the name of it. Glockadoodayoo is the b-side on the Freaky Note 12 inch and was released in 1994. I would greatly appreciate it if someone out there could hook me up with an mp3 version of the track.

Thanks in advance,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ragga Muffin Rascalz-Really Livin, Calabash Records, 1992

Ragga Muffin Rascals of Vancouver, B.C. was formed in 1989 and consisted of MCs Red-1 and Misfit, and DJ Kemo. This debut release "Really Livin" hit the streets in 1992 on Calabash Records. The album was then re-mastered and then released on Sony Music Canada the following year, and the name Ragga Muffin Rascalz was changed to simply Rascalz. This album is a Canadian gem. Out of print and extremely rare... a must have.

Download: Ragga Muffin Rascalz-Really Livin, Calabash, 1992

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Official Jointz Compilation, Official Jointz, 1999

This compilation showcases the talents of Xperado, N.O.T.S. Click, and Karim Jamal. Guest appearances include DITC heavyweights the late Big L and Omar Credle aka OC. Most of these tracks were previously only available on vinyl. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rec Center-Lonely People (Rotten Soil Ent., 1999)

Rec Center is: G-NO, Reality, Ikon, Mozes Gunn, Maintain,Naugh-T, Prophet the Unorthodox, Xclusive, DJ Emmaculate. Production handled by K-SOLO, Bolo, and RSE. Although this release didn't make much noise when it dropped, I feel this album should be included in every Hip-Hop lovers collection. So here it is...

Download: Rec Center-Lonely People CD 1999

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3rd Eye-Planets, Unreleased, 1998

Formerly known as Jesse West, 3rd Eye aka Bald-Headed Black Muthafucka aka Dirty Apple Slim of group 24/7 has been holdin it down in the BX since the late 80's. In 1989, his debut album "No Prisoners" was the FIRST EVER Hip-Hop album released on Motown Records. Another noteable fact is that as a producer he assisted in the recording of Biggie’s first real demo, and was a member of the original Hitmen collective (the Bad Boy production team). Today I bring you the album Planets, which to my knowledge was recorded in 1998 and remains unreleased. His latest project “Beans’N’Apples” is due for a late spring/early summer release on G.L.O.K. Records. Beans’N’Apples is an album produced entirely by Jesse West aka Dirty Traxx frum da Projects. The group consists of emcees from New York, and Boston.
His MySpace Page:http://www.myspace.com/slimapple
Download: 3rd Eye-Planets

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Natural Elements-Unreleased LP (Tommy Boy, 199x)
Before materializing as an official group, the Natural Elements were originally conceived as a group of solo artists brought together in 1993 under the tutelage of producer Charlemagne. This initial grouping, whose members were initially signed to Fortress Records, included members Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift, KA, G-Blass, Howie Smalls and the InTimidator. By 1995, however, membership slimmed to include only Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift and the newly-added A-Butta. The trio's countless appearances on the NYC freestyle and mixtape circuits culminated with a record deal on the Tommy Boy Black sublabel and the release of the single "2 Tons" in 1999. Although the highly-anticipated NE album was completed, problems with Tommy Boy shelved the project and the album never saw the light of day... until NOW!

Yes this is official. I was told there is only about 20 somethin press copies out there in the world today. I beleive all 3 emcee's are still in the game recording as solo artists so be sure to support them if you like what you hear. My Opinion... 6.5/10. Not one single track comes close in comparison to their previously released independant records circulating in the underground. Don't get me wrong, 6.5 aint bad and I am sure their die hard fans will overall be pleased with the album in whole, but they possess a chemistry that seperates them from the average rappers and are in my opinion capable of so much more.

Natural Elements-Unreleased LP (Tommy Boy, 199x)

The Omen (Demo, 2001)
Sadat X, Diamond D, and Camari come together as The Omen. I got my hands on this album advance back in 2001 along with a Sadat X album advance. 6 years later, neither albums have hit the shelves therefor I share with you The Omen... Maybe in near future I will also leak the Sadat album. To my knowledge The Omen had signed to Up Above and released "It's our World b/w Half Steppin". While searching online I came across another 12inch "Do it Now b/w Get on Up". Aside from these two 12inch releases I think it's fair to say that they have yet to release any other material.

The Omen (Demo, 2001)

DBD (Death Before Dishonor) DEMO ALBUM
Correct me if i'm wrong when I say the DBD click consists of: Rob Jackson, PMD, Agallah, Don Fu-Quan, J-Boogie, and 275. I know DJ Honda also played a role in the supergroup. This demo was leaked to me on the down low back in 2002, which I then shared with a couple of close and trustworthy friends. Seeing the year is now 2007, I think it's safe to say I shouldn't catch any heat for leaking the album online. Audio quality could be better... much better, but I figure these recordings are taken from unmastered DAT tapes making the album a must have item... to somebody like me.

DBD (Demo,2002)

I realise that even though these albums never seen the light of day, both were probably recorded in early 2000-2001 and I stated I will be dedicating this site to Hip-Hop music released in the 90's but c'mon... whose gonna complain? :p